Tradition and experience in a thousand flavors

Our work combines the tradition of master liqueurists with the most modern techniques for extracting aromatic principles from herbs, vegetables, and spices. Our production includes extracts, concentrates, powders, lipophilics, and flavors for countless applications.


Water-soluble alcoholic ingredients obtained by infusion and percolation of raw materials in hydroalcoholic solution and possible distillation, mainly intended for the production of liqueurs, drinks and nutraceutical products.
Labeling: Natural extract of… or Natural flavor of…


Obtained through vacuum concentration at room temperature of the extracts. Generally non-alcoholic or low-alcohol and water-soluble.
Room temperature concentration preserves the organoleptic characteristics of fresh raw materials, avoiding thermal stress and allowing the enhancement of aromatic properties in the finished products they are used in. Ideal for use in beverages, confectionery, processed meats, and dairy.

Labeling: Natural extract of… or Natural flavor of…


Atomized water-soluble products obtained from powdered concentrates on an encapsulating carrier (maltodextrin), which allows the long-term preservation of organoleptic properties even at high temperatures. Ideal for use in baked goods, nutraceuticals, and powdered food preparations.
Labeling: Natural extract of… or Natural flavor of…


Liposoluble products obtained through direct extraction and subsequent filtration of raw materials in vegetable oils. Suitable for the production of flavored oils, dressings, sauces, gravies, ready-to-eat dishes, and frozen products. They impart the finished products with typical Mediterranean flavors.
Labeling: Natural extract of… or Natural flavor of…


Wide range of high-concentration natural or nature-identical flavors developed by R&D experts blending molecules and extracts for traditional and innovative tastes in food and beverage or nutraceutical applications. They can be liquid, hydro-soluble, or liposoluble powders.
Labeling: Flavor / Natural Flavor.

Find here the list of raw materials with which we make our products