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Research and development

Investing in research for us is not just a word, it’s a trade

REAL AROMI has always invested in innovation.

The equipment adopted to analyse volatile substances includes two GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) systems and various gas chromatographs equipped with different types of detectors. These instruments enable numerous applications, including complete screening for any pesticides in the raw materials under analysis, and a detailed characterization of the products’ aromatic profile.
As regards the analysis of non volatile substances, the laboratory is equipped with two high pressure liquid cromatographs (HPLC) and with a HPLC-MS capable of carrying out, among other things, routine checks on mycotoxins.
Furthermore, the company’s chemical analysis equipment includes a liquid scintillator designed to measure the content of C14 in products, useful for confirming their natural origin, a wateractivity meter, fundamental for predicting shelflife, a spectrophotometer in the nearby IR (NIR) to carry out quick and non-destructive tests on raw materials and finished products and an instrument capable of predicting the time it takes for oils and fats to turn rancid.

Microbiological laboratory analyses, carried out at the client’s request, include a total bacterial count on yeasts and moulds and on the presence of specific microorganisms, whether pathogenic or otherwise.

A pilot plant, smaller but capable of carrying out all operations, completes the plant’s equipment as concerns process scaling-up operations, from laboratory checks to the final industrialization.