Quality certified and pursued daily within our Laboratories

The mission of ILLVA SARONNO FLAVORS DIVISION is to create a synergy between nature and the most modern technologies.

Products designed to harmonize the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, linked to the unparalleled effectiveness inherent in what is natural.
A philosophy that has allowed the company to obtain certification in Europe for the production of organic extracts, as well as Kosher and Hàlal certification for many of its products.


Quality assurance, R&D technical facilities, and the production plant and commercial structure work closely together, enabling the production of flavors according to the most stringent specifications. A commitment consistently directed towards the customer, providing technology, operational flexibility, and expertise as the foundation of ILLVA SARONNO FLAVORS DIVISION’s leadership

ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Organic, Kosher and Halàl certifications

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