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Products and technology

Tradition and experience in thousands of flavors

REAL AROMI unites the tradition of the liqueur masters with the most modern techniques for extracting the aromatic ingredients of herbs, plants and spices.
Production includes extracts, concentrates, powders, extracts in oil and aromas for countless uses.


Products obtained through the infusion and percolation, and possible distillation, of raw materials with hydroalcoholic solutions, mainly aimed at semifi nished products for the liqueur industry.

The Distillery and Alcoholates Department includes infusion, percolation and distillation systems for semifi nished products that have a primarily alcoholic content, for the liqueur industry.


The large experience acquired in the fi eld of fl avourings and the considerable laboratory know-how of REAL AROMI allow the company to identify the aromatic components of raw
materials and reproduce them with natural and/or natural identical ingredients.
Flavourings are used in all sectors of the food industry.


Liquids obtained through the extraction, using hydroalcoholic solutions, of aromatic ingredients from raw materials, and their subsequent concentration. Thanks to their fl uid nature and the production process at near room temperatures, concentrates are widely used above all in water-based products that have to be processed at low temperatures.

Extraction can take place in various REAL AROMI plants, depending on the characteristics of the plants and the processing batches.
An ultrasound system is also available to speed up and make more effective, even at low temperatures, the extraction process in those plants for which the length of the extraction phase could contribute to modify the end product’s organoleptic characteristics.
Concentration of the hydroalcoholic extracts is usually carried out under high vacuum conditions and at low temperatures, in order to preserve the molecular structure and therefore the organoleptic characteristics of the main active ingredients contained in the original species.


Spray-dried powder products obtained from concentrates, to which encapsulation material may be added to enable the aromatic ingredients to be preserved for longer.
The encapsulation material consists of complex and fully water- soluble carbohydrates.
Low humidity and the encapsulation material ensure the powders’ excellent stability over time.
The powders are produced from a liquid state, by means of a spray-drying plant.

Extracts in oil

Oil-based products obtained by extracting, and subsequently fi ltering, the aromatic components of oil-soluble raw materials.
These are used as a base for the production of fl avoured oils and fat- or oil-based products.

A system is available for the extraction of the oily components of aromatic plants using vegetable oils (mainly olive and sunflower), and their subsequent separation through gravity and vacuum filtration.