Our history

For over 50 years, nature and technology have joined forces

REAL AROMI started out in the 50’s with the plant “Stabilimento Italiano di Ventimiglia” (Imperia) belonging to ESTABLISSEMENTS JOSEPH GAZAN – Produits Aromatiques – of Marseilles (France).

GAZAN, whose establishment in France dates back to 1855, is still an important trademark in the microcosm of Mediterranean aromatic plant cultivations and first-rate herb, plant and spice processing laboratories that have long made the Provence – French Riviera Region the heart of world aromatic production, both for the food and perfume industries.

In 1989, REAL AROMI moved to Città S. Angelo (Pescara), where it merged with ILLSUD, a company which had already been active in the production of semifinished products and products for the liqueur industry, acquiring its current status as a unique centre of excellence for the production of flavourings for all food sectors.

In 2013 with a view to renewing and increasing synergies with the production of the parent company ILLVA SARONNO (www.illva.com) and further improving the quality and efficiency of customer services, the plant of City S. Angelo moved to the new premises in Saronno close to the ILLVA plant.